NICT & JVC Kenwood Introducing a 200″ Full HD 3D Display

NICT has collaborated with JVC Kenwood to release a giant 200-inch auto-stereoscopic full HD 3D display. This 200-inch 3D display is weighing around 500kg and most interestingly this giant gadget can display 3D videos from 57 different angles without 3D glasses. As a result, you’ll be able to look from the right edge, as well as from the left. To show such a large range of viewing angles, the display uses 57 projectors in an array. This giant display is able to create uniform levels of brightness and color balance across all viewpoints.

nict jvc kenwood 3d

This giant 3D display features a condenser lens as well as a special diffuser film. The condenser lens let the light to be focused to create a sharp image, while the special diffuser film creates a smooth transition between the different viewing angles. Here you can checkout the below video to know more about this giant display.


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