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It is from the last few years that the Video content has come into the limelight and accordingly it is gaining popularity by leaving a good impact on the web world. Now more and more people worldwide are having the internet access and they use to search for a number of their preferred contents. The term ‘video’ has become a popular one and it is almost a necessary module for the online presence of any brand. The popularity is also evident as the video content is being used in almost every trade. In fact most of the companies and the administrator of different blogs are unable to grasp the quantity of video hosting sites out there to create their own videos over there. Most of the people are quite aware of the site known as ‘YouTube’, but it is not the only video hosting site rather there are several other ones which works as a video maker with a separate quality. We have assembled a ten numbers of the best video sites including YouTube and by the side of it we have also provided information on content restrictions, cost, and if they allow commercial video content or not. We have also covered up the key features of each site.

video hosting websites

Free and Freemium Platforms

While searching you can find plenty of free and freemium video hosting sites available but among those many are restricted with contents and some even doesn’t permit commercial use. Out of those there are only a few that receives the videos of episodic web series kind and there are a few others that limits your upload. You can also find that many of the platforms among these dwells with paid plans which allow you to beat some or all of the limitations and the rest carry partner programs which permit you to earn money from your videos.



This is video site which is owned by Google and is counted as the most popular video hosting platform. YouTube lets you tons of videos of almost all matters and issues too and is style imaginable excluding pornography. As a video host it hold up a bunch of advantages, but you must be aware of it that every good thing has something bad in it and similarly this platform has some distinct drawbacks too. The disadvantages of it are like some of the users post ads on your videos which in some places are unwanted. You can even earn revenue from the YouTube’s partner program through advertising.

Cost: Free

Commercial Content OK: Yes

Content Restrictions: It restricts pornography or sexually overt content and even restricts videos proposed to distress or disgust. It also prohibits videos showing illegal activity.



The Vimeo is one of the famous video hosting sites which mainly focus on the non-commercial videos. Some users have reported for the complicatedness of the Vimeo player while the other users positively have a preference of the Vimeo player. This platform comes with two separate plans for the non-commercial users, despite the fact that they also provide commercial use meant for the self-regulating production companies but with some limitations. This one (Vimeo) also bids bonus to their benefited members by the side of superior statistics and limitless groups, channels, and albums.

Content Restrictions: Refusal of commercial content

Commercial Content OK: Generally no

Cost: It is free for the Basic plan, that permits up to 500MB of per week uploads and also includes 1 HD video, or $9.95/month or $59.95/year for its Plus membership. Its Plus Membership offers up to 5GB/week uploads with unlimited HD videos (see Premium section for Vimeo Pro)



It is a hosted video player which allows the user to modify the video player completely to convene your trade name needs. Through this you can make your own exclusive and artistic templates for your video player and these all can be done very easily without any complicacy as some other sites. The only disadvantage of this is that the player customization is only allowed for the paid plans. But both of the plans offers video upload, previews, search, and built-in Vitomy templates. If we talk about the free plan then it offers 40GB of bandwidth and storage, whereas the paid plan lets 200GB.

Cost: Free to $59/month

Content Restrictions: None listed on website

Commercial Content OK: Yes


This one is especially paying attention on dealing out with the original web series for the content creators. The computerizes the uploading of your videos to the other channels which includes YouTube and even lets revenue making too. This platform also provides insight and the analytics into your traffic with a huge sharing network, along with the offer of more powerful social tools. It also holds the completely customizable video players which show a single episode, the entire series or a particular playlists.

Cost: Free

Commercial Content OK: Yes

Content Restrictions: Intended for episodic web series

5. Metacafe -


This video hosting platform focuses on entertainment like other free video hosting sites. It’s one of the US based video hosting sites and especially aimed at young men. If your video content is likely to be appealing to the demographic, then Metacafe might be a good choice to host videos. It is specialized in short-form video entertainment in the categories of movies, video games, sports, music and TV. Initially it was a similar site like YouTube or Dailymotion, but now it transformed itself into a short-form video entertainment site with several differences.

Cost: Free

Content Restrictions: No content that is unlawful, obscene, defamatory, libelous, threatening, pornographic, harrassing, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, or encourages illegal activity.

Commercial Content OK: Yes

Premium and Enterprise Platforms:

These are the platforms which provide you the things which are restricted in the above mentioned free video platforms. As many of the free platforms don’t provide the entire managing power which you require to control your video content. It is the moment when the premium video hosting platforms makes the game with a winning crown. The drawbacks of the premium video services are their cost, which usually costs hundreds of dollars per month but for that it also pays as it takes by serving the users with a superior quality service with more control over your content and lets you with the advanced tools too.

6. SproutVideo


It is a business video hosting platform which provides a number of better features which are vital for businesses. It also includes safety and solitude options with the serving of SSL embeds, domain white-lists, the videos players which can b easily customized, is supported with the embeddable videos, includes High-Definition video, and carries mobile playback. The analysis of them will let you to see the number of plays of videos you are getting and also the information about from where those plays are coming from. In addition it also will show the popular videos and in which all areas your videos are viewed on the web.

Cost: $10 to $750 per month which depends on bandwidth and storage needs, $1 free trial available

Content Restrictions: Not specified

Commercial Content OK: Yes

7. Viddler


It is a video hosting site which is for the businesses purpose but also includes educational associations and non-profits too. This platform provides for three distinctive plans according to your needs such as a customizable enterprise plan. All of the videos which are hosted by Viddler are of HD quality, the videos can be embedded, and the videos of it can also be played on the mobile devices. The Viddler have their own ad network that helps you to make incomes with your videos, and they also offer a plan to sell access to your video using subscriptions, both available on their Business plan.

Cost: Starting at $50/month for Pro and $100/month for Business, discounts are available for education customers and non-profits.

Content Restrictions: No intolerable videos, threatening video restricted, pornographic restricted, obscene, abusive and unlawful videos, harassing, culturally or racially offensive, slanderous or offensive, or any of the video content that support illegal doings are restricted.

Commercial Content OK: Yes

8. Google Video (for Business) -

google video

This video hosting platform is part of the Google Apps suite that’s optimized for business privecy video communication. Formerly it was a free video sharing website, from Google Inc. It’s private and secure to share your business secrate videos with you claints, even you can share easily things like training videos with your employees without making them public on the web. You can access your Google videos from anywhere and it’ll compatible on Mac, PC, and Linux computers.

Cost: $5/month/user or $50/year/user

Content Restrictions: None specified on the website

Commercial Content OK: Yes

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