Countdown for the Samsung’s Next Galaxy Device !!

Do you remember few days back we asked a question that, what will be the Samsung’s next Galaxy device? Still today this is not confirmed officially that what will be the next Galaxy device, but somehow rumor says it’ll be the Galaxy SIII and the recent news from Amazon is the strongest confirmations ever. Recently we heard that, Samsung has started sending out the official invitations to have a press conference in London on May 3, where Samsung only mentioned “COME AND MEET THE NEXT GALAXY”. As we’re getting closer to May 3 London press event, obviously Samsung fans should be excited. We just got the news that Samsung Russia has set the countdown timer in their website and here is the screen shot.

contdown galaxy siii

The countdown timer is currently showing just over 6 days, which is going to end on May 5, though the event will be on May 3. We thing that day will be the last day of a long waiting. Apart from the most awaited Galaxy S III, we have a lot of hope that Samsung will show off its own cloud storage service and probably a new tablet as well. Have you any blueprint inside your mind, how the Galaxy SIII will look like? Well, I’ve my own design for the upcoming Galaxy SIII, so it’s yet to see who is more correct you or me. We are also counting down here for the next Galaxy device.

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