Apple’s next Generation iPhone to Feature In-Cell Touch Panels

Previously rumors suggest that, the Apple will be having a 4.6-inch retina display but here the story says something different. The next generation iPhone i.e iPhone 5, which is expected to be released sometime in the third quarter of 2012, will probably adopt in-cell touch panels. According to source, the Sharp and Toshiba Mobile Display (TMD) will develop this in-cell touch panel. If you’re first time hearing about the in-cell touch panel then, this is a display which merges the LCD layer and the touchscreen layer together or more deeply we can say it’s effectively remove one layer of glass from the display. Thus, it would ultimately results a much thinner and hopefully lighter iPhone.

next generation iphone 5

Sharp is claiming an improvement in the in-cell touch panels, while the Toshiba Mobile Display has convinced Apple to cooperate with them for better result. According to source, Toshiba Mobile Display is preparing the in-cell panels at its 6G, while Sharp will utilize its 5.5G lines for production. In case you may not know that, in past Apple had some problems with Sharp regarding the display issues. There Sharp was reportedly unable to meet Apple’s standards that cause unnecessary delays. By the way this in-cell touch panel technology will give these manufacturers a next level of achievement in the second quarter of 2012.

It’s also suspect that, if the Apple is going to adopt the in-cell touch panels then it’ll ultimately influence the operations of Apple’s current touch panel makers TPK Holdings and Wintek. No doubt they are so efficient in the production of glass on glass touch solutions and the iPhone’s success says all about it. In return, TPK told that they are preparing for a new single-glass touch solution i.e. TOL (touch on lens). The new single-glass touch solution, TOL claims to be friendlier for the high-end customized devices and in addition brands will also be able to offer more than one technology.

It’s expected that, the next generation iPhone from Apple will be released at WorldWide Developer Conference in June rather than in October like previous one. Apple’s next generation iPhone is also expected to be powered with Qualcomm’s 28-nm MDM9615 modem chip along with 4G LTE data and voice services support. So, are you planning to buy one of the available iPhones or holdup your excitement up to the release of next generation iPhone?

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