Pink Galaxy Note in South Korea & White Galaxy Note in Canada

The world leader in smartphone makers, Samsung brought a great change to the smartphone market when it announced the Galaxy Note. We haven’t even reached any conclusion that whether it’s a smartphone or tablet yet but company gave us another task to choose from various color. No doubt it’s a great device which company wants it to appeal to everyone. Initially it was made available in only black flavor, but now the company is offering more color options according to demands. As per its specs; it has a massive 5.3-inch screen with LTE capable which currently runs on Google’s Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system, but will get Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update in near future. Moreover the Note is also going to get the update of a special Premium Suite of apps sometime this quarter. I think you all know Galaxy note very well but if you wish to dig more about this then this like will redirected to its specifications.

White Galaxy Note in Canada

Canadians recently got a new choice of Galaxy Note which is currently available in Ceramic White flavor over the carrier “TELUS”. It comes to know that the company brings the change in Canada, because Galaxy Note went beyond sales of over 5 million units worldwide within just five months. In case you don’t know the S Pen is also flavored with the same color. The Premium Suite pack is expected to bring a range of S Pen apps and moreover it’ll taste Ice Cream Sandwich update in late spring.

galaxy note white canada

The white version of Galaxy Note is also has the same price as black model i.e. $199.99 (153 Euro) with a three-year contract agreement of TELUS. There are also different agreement lengths are available for the new model, along with the facility of contract-free. So you can make this device yours for $779.99 (around 590 Euro) without contract.

Pink Galaxy Note in South Korea

After the white version, Samsung has also release a Pink version for Galaxy Note in its home market, South Korea. It’s flavored with Berry Pink color at the front as well as rear and its S Pen and folding case are also come with the same pink flavor. As its color suggests, this new model is especially designed for women and younger generation. Great to see, unlike other models of Galaxy Note this Pink version will be running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, which can be noticed from the Google Search widget (see picture). If you’re asking about its features, then it’ll be same as the black and white versions.

galaxy note pink korea

So what you think, which will be the next color for Galaxy Note or it’s just the end? It might be come with any color option as per customer’s demand, that’s you. So, demand for you own choice. Well it’s yet to see when these two (White and Pink) versions are coming to other markets worldwide.


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