Useful WordPress Plugins for E-Commerce Business

E-commerce is now one of the most growing platforms in this internet era. Now a day’s people are used to do shop from e-commerce sites. It’s all because of there are some reliable players like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, etc who are providing great service to customers. There are lot of reasons why we’re preferring online shopping; we’re getting our product at our door step, we’re getting advantages of cash on delivery, product replacement in case of damage, a verity of choices, and much more to say. Most of the e-commerce sites are running on WordPress. So here are some great WordPress plugins, which are going to enhance your e-commerce business, especially in initially stage.

e commerce

Cart66 Lite

It’s a simple yet powerful WordPress plugin for your e-commerce blog site. You can easily sell digital products with Amazon S3 integration and it also let you to sell physical products as well. This plugin features multiple shipping and you can also set your currency to give your e-commerce business an amazing international popularity. Moreover, it’s easy to place products or ads in any page or post and you can also take advantages of affiliate marketing to make more profit.

eShop Plugin

eshopIt’s an easy to access WordPress plugin with simple controls. It provides various methods for listing products with multiple options. This plugin sends automatic emails on successful purchase. You can easily add products, customize settings, and features multiple shipping options including by weight. It’s also user friendly that offers a simple interface for quick browsing or purchase and also allow customers to sign up and be connected to your site. This plugin facilitate with multiple merchant payment gateways such as;, Paypal, Payson, eProcessingNetwork, Webtopay, iDEAL and Cash/Cheque. It features statistics for purchase, compatible with WordPress affiliate, able to be used as a product catalogue with no sales, and much more.



This plugin facilitates with a range of essential features for e-commerce website that let customers to full-fledged online shop in minutes with physical and downloadable products or even services. You also can create group for products and give various attributes to products (e.g. S, M, L sizes for clothing) for more user friendly functionality, so they can find easily what they’re looking.

Woocommerce Plugin

woocommerceOne of the renowned apps developing (especially develops WP themes) firm, Woothemes has developed this e-commerce plugin. This plugin gives a sophisticated look to your site with a promise to offer powerful e-commerce facilities. It provides a range of features including dashboard widget through which you can easily check the track your e-commerce businesses progress. You can add multiple Woocommerce extensions to the plugin. This is a truly customizable plugin with multiple payment systems including Paypal, Cheque, Cash on delivery, etc.

WP e-Commerce Plugin

wp e commerce

It’s the most popular e-commerce WordPress plugin which currently deals over 1.5 million downloads. It is easy to install and can works with any standards compliant WordPress theme. This plugin facilitate with a wide range of payment system including Manual (cheques), PayPal, Google Checkout, and much more. It support for multiple currencies with the ability to target specific countries. It’s claimed as 100% customizable that can easily change its look and modify the templates according to your convenience. It also claimed as 100% search engine friendly that integrates with Google and All in One SEO plugin for WordPress, along with RSS feeds for products and categories.

Quick Shop

quick shop

It’s installed with Sidebar Widgets which displays the customer’s shopping cart with an option to remove products from the cart. This plugin also support built-in Paypal and Email functionality. The TinyMCE button allows you to add products to your pages or post easily. It automatically integrates with CFormsII and features to create different product options in a drop-down.



It’s an open source WordPress shopping cart plugin that associates your products with weblog entries and hence your post ID becomes your product code. It features easy categorize for products and configure shopping cart settings. Users can organize the delivery option based on weight or a flat rate. You can add product in both pages and posts. It handles a wide verity of products through categorization and features customizable purchase options through a range of payment system e.g. cheque or deposit, basic credit card form, basic Google Checkout, PayPal integration,, Stripe, MiGS, and many more.

If you’re experienced with any of these plugins, then you can share your though and experience with us, so as more and more people can get advantages of your review of suggestion. If you’re looking to create an e-commerce business then you may attempt these above mentioned plugins and say which is helpful to you.

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