How to Make your Facebook Chat box Super cool?

Are you getting bore with the usual limited facebook charting features? Do you want to add some fun in your chatting? Our usual facebook chat doesn’t provide any options to choose emoticons or adjust font size, etc. We know lot of emoticons shortcuts like; “:)” for happy, “:(” for sad, “:P” for kidding, etc. But it’s quite difficult to remember all those shortcuts of chatting. Well here a is a good news for all facebook worms, they can choose from a range of emoticons, adjust their setting for front size, chat box size, front style, etc, or even they can move the chat box around their screen.

It’s a Google Chrome extension, called the “Pretty Facebook Chat” which can do all for your facebook chat box. It’s really very easy to install and use. So here is a tutorial, where you can find how to install and make use of this amazing Google Chrome extension.

facebook chat box

First of all open your Google Chrome browser in your system, if it’s not installed yet then install it to proceed. Log on to your facebook account through the opened Google Chrome browser, then go to Google Chrome Webstore and search ‘Pretty Facebook Chat’.

pretty facebook chat

After getting the result of Pretty Facebook Chat, just hit on the ‘Add To Chrome’ button to install the extension and the installation will be done within a few seconds automatically.

install pretty facebook chat

After install it you’ll see a small red icon at the top right corner in the address bar of your Google Chrome (It’ll be shown only at the facebook opened tab). There you’ll get a popup box where you can see “Pretty Facebook Chat is now installed”.

intalation popup

It’s the time to go to your facebook opened tab, where you can find another red icon at the bottom of your browser just next to the chat box. If you’re unable to see the second icon then just refresh you page to get it.

red icon

Here are some super cool features of the Pretty Facebook Chat, where you can come to know how you’ll use this amazing Google Chrome extension.

1- How to move Chat Box?

Click on that second red icon to switch ON the Pretty Facebook Chat feature. Once it’s activated you will see the chat box is not stick at the same place, you can move it by dragging it anywhere you want to see your chat box.

moving chat box

2- How to Use Emoticons?

In the chat box you’ll find a smiley face icon at the top right corner of your facebook chat box, just mouse-hover over it then you’ll get a popup box there with a verity of emoticons, just chose a preferred one and make your chatting supper cool.


3- How to adjust Chat box settings?

Now go to the first red icon which is shown at the top right corner of your browser, then hit on that icon to adjust your chatting font size, chat box size, and even you’ll able to adjust the chat box shadow as well. But all you need to do just share this extension at least one time for unlock advanced settings.

chat box settingsNow all you done to make your facebook chat box super cool with this Google Chrome extension. It’s really amazing; I’m doing a lot of fun with this Pretty Facebook Chat and hopefully you’re getting interested. Just try it out and get full fun with your fiends by showing your unique chatting skill. Yes, don’t forget to let us know, how your first experience with the amazing Pretty Facebook Chat was.


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