Step by Step guide to upgrade your PC to Windows 8

After a long wait, the latest Microsoft’s Windows 8 is now available to us. And now we can upgrade our PCs to the latest Windows 8 OS. As you know the Windows 8 OS is especially designed for touch devices (Read: Windows 8 Features) but it can also run your entire existing programs fine if you’re upgrading your device from Windows 7. Please take down your Wi-Fi passwords if you’re upgrading your laptop. If you’re upgrading a Windows 7 PC then it will keep your settings, personal files, and programs. But Vista and XP users need to re-install programs and reconfigure settings.

Moreover the Windows 8 will come with built-in Windows Store that offers ample of new full-screen “apps” for download and many of them are free (Free Windows 8 Apps). In Windows 8 the system will boot faster and search is even better. Windows 8 comes preloaded with Windows Defender, so you don’t need to install separate anti-virus software. But you may face one difficulty, if you haven’t used the Windows 8 beta versions earlier. Don’t worry, you will be comfortable with the new layout within few days but don’t miss the OS.

windows 8 pro

So, if you are thinking switch over Windows 7, Vista, or XP to Windows 8 then Microsoft made it extremely easy to upgrade your PC to the latest Windows 8.

What you need before going for the latest Microsoft’s update?

– A Windows 7/Vista/XP PC (Microsoft never minds whether your PC is running Windows XP Premium or Windows 7 Home Basic).

– Visit Microsoft’s Windows 8 site to purchase the OS.

– An internet connection for downloading the OS

– A valid credit card or a PayPal account for payment purpose.

– Windows 8 installer (File size: .05 GB) (You may order the Windows 8 installer or you can create your own Windows 8 DVD too.

How can you upgrade your PC to Windows 8 (Step by Step guide)?

– First of all you need to download and run the Upgrade Assistant program. The Upgrade Assistant will basically do a few checks on your PC and tell you which software programs / hardware devices will and won’t work in Windows 8, and also let you know if there is a need to uninstall any of them.

upgrade assistant report

– Then you need to order the Windows 8 upgrade pack from the installation wizard. For that, select the “Checkout” option and go with your credit card, give details they are asking then you will able to see your Windows 8 product key that you need at the time of installation.

– After finishing it, Microsoft will also mail you the receipt of order and the Windows 8 serial number.

Note: Here you’re purchasing the upgrade license, which can only work on an existing Windows PC. But if you want to install Windows 8 on a new hard disk, then you need to purchase the Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro System Builder products (OEM versions), which is not available at all locations.

– Then the Upgrade Assistant will download the Windows 8 installer files automatically in your PC. It may take few moments to transfer files from Microsoft servers to your disk as it contains ~2 GB of data.

downloading windows 8

Note: You may not find the Windows 8 installer files in Windows Explorer, as it’s saved in the C:\ESD\Windows\Sources folder.

– After the Windows 8 installer files have been downloaded, you can carry on the installation (click next) by selecting the second option “Install by creating media.” Then save the installer files in a single ISO file.

windows 8 installer options

– Burn the ISO image into a bootable DVD from the wizard itself. It may ideal when you want to repair or reinstall the Windows 8 in future.

– Once the DVD is ready, you need you double-click on Windows Setup shortcut, what you’ll find it on your desktop PC to run the setup again.

You may do a clean installation by either selecting “Nothing” or use the “Windows settings, personal files and apps” option to protect your files as well as programs. If you’re selecting “Nothing,” then your personal files will be moved to a windows old folder.

Finally select the “Install Now” option and Windows 8 will never ask you to do anything, it will finish installing itself. You are done :)

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