Wishing You a Happy Republic Day with Superb Facebook Cover Photos

Common India lets cheer up as we are going to celebrate another year with the date when we got Republic and 26th January is not that far from us now and also he one among the three national holidays in India so why not join our hands and pray for a peaceful and co-operative life of ‘We The People’. It was the date 26th January 1950 when our country became Republic. From how many years we are celebrating the 26th date of January as the Republic Day? Count it guys as i am a bit poor in the Mathematics ground.


The year 2012 gave us many memories be it the good ones or the bad or the worst. Why not take the current affairs? Uncountable rape cases, snatches, murders, etc. and still we say that our country is a Republic one. How can we eradicate these all? Do we have the solutions? Of course and undoubtedly only we have the solutions.

You must have heard that ‘Each and every problem has a solution inside it’. And we should take the resolution to erase all the dirtiness as well as bring some awareness that too with a small effort from our team. Its for sure that we can if we try.

Ok now lets bring up a bit of awareness through some Facebook Cover photos dedicated to Republic Day. These Cover photos are designed by our Graphics Designer (Rakesh Pradhan) in some intuitive look. So come lest have a glance at those cover shots.

















Hearty Wishes from TechRJ Team on the eve of Republic Day to our lovely readers. You guys has gave us enough support and its you all for whom we are achieving success day by day. So Thanks for your support and also don’t forget to celebrate our very own Republic Day. Lets resolute that divisions are in 28 states, 1618 languages, castes of 6400, 6 Major religions together with 6 Ethnic Groups and 29 major festivals but after all we are one from 1 Country. Proud to be an Indian.

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