Set up your brand new Microsoft Surface RT & Customize it – How to?

Once out of the packaging, one needs to follow a very few steps to setup the Microsoft Surface RT: choosing a language, agreeing to the terms and conditions, giving a name to the device, connecting to the home Wi-Fi and adjusting a few privacy settings. After gliding past these few formalities, you are ready to start exploring your surface. The windows RT is one of its kind and different from others so we planned to put down a few tips to make your experience with the Surface a smooth one.

microsoft surface rt

Setting up and personalizing:

1. Updating the windows and the applications. The very first thing that you have to do is to update the OS and the applications that came bundled with the Surface.

pc settings

Go to the PC settings under the charms menu and scroll down for the windows update option. Click on it to download and install the updates.

store app

For the applications that came pre installed, open the Store application and click on Update(written in green) on the top right hand corner of the screen.

2. Login swiftly with a PIN:

Microsoft account and Surface are liked to each other, so you will have to enter your password to unlock. You might be asked to enter the password every time you want to unlock it. There is an alternative to it. You can create a PIN consisting of 4 digits that you can use instead of your password.

Go to the PC settings from the charms menu, click on users and then on sign in options.

easier login

3. Picture password for added security:

If you feel that the PIN is not enough, then go for the ‘Picture Password’ as an alternative to unlock the surface. It can be found at the same place you used to create a PIN.

security with picture password

4. Personal Email:

You can use accounts from hotmail, Gmail, outlook, yahoo or your own domain to set up email. The mail application, by default, shows the emails from the account that you use to login into the device.

email account

Activate the charms account after opening the mail application and click on Accounts inside settings option.

5. User interface colour schemes:

If the default colour scheme doesn’t go with your choice then you can always change the colour scheme.

ui color schemes

The background of the new user interface by going to the Personalize option under the pc settings.

change lockscreen picture

6. Managing the tiles:

You can arrange the tiles according to your liking and priority. Rearrange your app tiles by tapping and holding a tile to move it around. The size of the tiles can also be adjusted.

7. Naming and grouping the tiles:

Tiles can be named and grouped by pinching with 2 fingers to zoom out of the Modern UI view. Right click on any group and the NAME GROUP option will come up below.

naming group

8. Sharing photos:

Photos application can be used to share the photos. To do this select the photo and open the charms menu and click on share. From here you can either share it to Sky drive, mail or other programs that support built in sharing.

photo sharing

9. Faster application switching and multi tasking:

Move over to the left edge of the screen to see the multitasking bar. Here you can see the recently used programs and select them or close them. You can also set a gesture to take you directly to the last application. For this go to the pc settings and then to General. Here turn on the second option under the APP SWITCHING.

faster multitasking

10. Integration with social networks:

There is a wonderful application to get the feeds and updates from all of your social networks at one place-the PEOPLE application. Add your mail accounts to the application by going to Settings and then clicking on accounts.


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