UC Browser Updated v8.9.0.238 for iPhone Brings Superb Features

UCWeb has recently updated its renowned app UC Browser for iPhone and added some new features such as Cloud Download, offline video watching, smart detection and many more. With the update it is now the UC Browser v8.9.0.238 for iPhone. It’s been a long time since the app has received a major update such as this. Recently, the UC Browser has achieved the milestone of 400 million active global users across 150 countries. However, the update seems to be an effort to achieve more users in the iOS platform.

UC Browser

The updated English version of UC Browser claims to reduce data traffic by up to 90% and accelerate internet browsing by means of its Cloud based webpage compression technology. The update brings a tremendous feature called ‘Cloud Download’. As the name implies, the feature allows users to download large files through its Cloud Server. Here the Cloud Server acts as a mediator; it downloads the files and then yet again downloads it to the iPhone in a certain guaranteed speed. Anyone having an account with UC Browser can download files to the UCWeb server using ‘Cloud Download’ option.

UC Browser Cloud Download

Another feature that has been added to the browser is the Watch Offline feature. It could be a helpful feature for the people like to watch videos either offline or after downloading it. The feature caches the online videos and facilitates later viewing whether the network is available or not. It is indeed a great feature. Just select the video and choose Watch Offline option and get your video cached to be watched offline.

UC Browser Watch Offline

You might have noticed the browser has its own download manager and the new update sorts the downloaded files in predefined categories such as music, video, images and zip files. There is another feature named Smart Detection has been added. As the name suggests, the Smart Detection feature detects the files that to be downloaded whether they are compatible with the OS or not. If they are not, the feature instantly alerts the users, consequently saving data and time.

UC Browser Smart Download Manager

The browser supports multi-tab functionality, which means one can open many tabs at one time and switch between them by swiping. If you have downloaded some themes from the UCWeb Theme Center then you can swap themes by means of shaking your iPhone. One can also switch between night and days modes and can also turn on the Auto Normal/Night Mode to get automatically switched to the night mode.

So if you have an iPhone and also have UC Browser, then simply update it or download the all new updated UC Browser from the Apple iTunes Store for free if you haven’t downloaded it yet.

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