Twitter Hacked: An Eye Opener – Guide to make passwords hack-proof!

Some recent incidents where twitter was hacked should be an eye opener for everybody to use stronger passwords that protect our online identity. Putting forth before you is a guide aimed at helping to create better and strong passwords. Meaning of strong password? It’s something that would be difficult by hackers to figure out. One which would take up enough time even when subjected to the Brute force attack. It should consist of alphabets, numerical, special characters and both upper and lower case. It should not even be too easy to guess.twitter hacked


As stated by Twitter that about 250000 users have been affected by this attack and the data that they got hold off were email addresses, usernames and encrypted passwords. The longer the password the better is the security because even one alphabet matters a lot. A password that contains 14 characters can be 90 times more vulnerable than a password containing 15 characters.

So the trick here is that you should choose such a password that is unique, strong, and random and at the same time easy to remember. For instance a secret formula can be created which will help you to recall the password but nobody else can guess it. It could be the name of your school spelled in reverse, or writing the letters that rhyme with the word tree in uppercase, or writing your date of birth numerically while holding down the shift key to encrypt it with punctuations.

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An important thing to keep in mind here is that your passwords should not comprise of information that is personal to you. Anyone can get your details and it would make it very easy for the hackers to guess as they can easily know the name of your spouse, son, favorite game etc. It’s also recommended that you use different passwords for different websites.

You also have the option of using softwares like Password Manager that use two fish strong encryption and they make arbitrary passwords for you according to your specifications. You can even organize your passwords in groups and store it in them.

You can also setup your Facebook account or any other account so that they send you a temporary pin to your mobile when you login from a new location and from a new computer. This pin has to be entered along with the password for the first time on that new computer.

Everyday hackers try their best to hack so many accounts. Twitter is not the only one to suffer this jolt. And on this occasion, Bob Lord also gives some tips on better passwords to the users of Twitter. So this is high time we open our eyes and make strong passwords for protecting our online identities.

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