Micromax Ninja A27 smartphone entered Ninja family

Another Micromax joining Ninja family is the new Micromax A27. The phone runs with android 2.3, quite vintage to hear but some exciting features like swipe and share make it outstanding form others. We will discuss on this feature a bit later but first, let us unearth what new Micromax has to offer us with this latest release. Belonging to Ninja family this phone is no way close to A87 or A89 but is somewhat showing similarity to A57 who almost same hardware. Both the phone is powered with 1GHz Spreadstrum SC6820 processor, 256 MB Ram and same screen size too. May be it will be tough to distinguish them unless they are packed in their respective boxes.

micromax ninja a27

The processor depends upon single core here, means you won’t be able to download HD games and play and chances are there you won’t be able to play 1080p HD videos. Well that’s not a surprise because it big brother Micromax Canvas 2 couldn’t either. But it might handle videos up to 480p. But the feature that really amazes us is its swipe and share. Not new in market as it was previously seen in Samsung smart TV where you can share video and photos to your TV with just one swipe. Well the feature provided on this phone work more or less similarly. But there is more than that meets the eye. The feature not only shares photos and videos, but apps too. To swipe a content one does not need a phone network for transmission; it can manage it over Wi-Fi to other android devices. But does this feature alone make this phone a worth to buy. Well it purely depends on your requirements.

ninja a27

Features of Micromax Ninja A 27

1. With display of 3.5 inch 480*320 pixel resolution, TFT screen with 65k colour, it wouldn’t create any rich experience that will amaze you.

2. Video format support is limited to 3GP and MP4, so don’t get disappointed when it doesn’t run your HD videos. But audio support various supports and with expandable store up to 16 GB you sure can have your favourite playlist.

3. OS provided is Android 2.3 gingerbread, quite a vintage as compared to new OS but still have capability to fulfil your basic needs.

4. Camera resolution is not known yet but expected to have up to 3.2 megapixels that can shoot videos of 640*480 at 10 fps. But won’t be any flash provision or functions like Autofocus.

5. The phone does not have option for 3G, but it compensated that with providing Wi-Fi. Bluetooth 2.1 and USB connection come standard with it.

6. The phone is equipped with 256MB Ram, 512 Rom, 160 Mb internal memory, but lacks in providing sensors such as proximity, G-sensor etc. So a big no touch motion sensing gaming.

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