What to do & not to do @ Twitter

First launched in July 15 ,2006 since then twitter has gained popularity till now with over 500 million users, it stays on pinnacle of social networking site. Till date the dynamics of twitter remains mysterious to many. The micro blogging site where you can send or text message up to 140 characters of length famously known as ‘tweets’ is now a storm over worldwide. Various features like following a tweet or creating your own follower made twitter even more popular among youth, where they update their profile according to series of events of their day.

basic twitter tips

Not only it was limited to youth but potential marketers and businessman used it as a tool to promote their campaign and business respectively. Like any other social sites twitter also integrates people belonging to diverse culture to one. Slogans, thoughts, daily activities, campaign etc sharing became a daily activities on twitter with million followers to it.

Now twitter has some basic dynamics to it. You tweet and according to your quality of tweet there are followers to it. And with the growing number of follower one can scale the popularity of an individual. You can follow some basic steps where you can grow the chances of number of followers.

1. “Look before you tweet” – usually first timer send a tweet hoping they would gain some followers. But what they failed to notice that without the quality of tweet you won’t be able to gain any followers. So first have a glimpse over other tweets, follow them, understand the reason behind their followers, and gain resource about people who share same interest like yours and then tweet.

2. Quality matters – Twitter is an amazing tool to share information, news, tips. Other than caring just only to share you should take its advantage to gather information. You never know you can build amazing tweet using those information.

3. Socialize- without your presence it would be really hard to gain popularity on this site. Presence here doesn’t imply that you to be online all the time. It means your response towards other tweets, friends or people you know on twitter. You need to channel yourself well in this always available real time messaging service. You can attend as many tweet chats as possible within your time permits. It helps you to search communities as well as people sharing same interest.

4. Know your purpose- Some join twitter for valuable information, some join to stay update while some join to stay connected to their friends. So know your purpose of joining twitter. Because it would be no use to tweet blindly if you have no one who knows you in the twitter. After that find people who share your interest. You never know the chain of people you will get connected to.

5. Know your Manners- What you do at first when you meet new people, you introduce yourself and say something about you. Well same goes for twitter too. If your profile is not updated and your picture is not there then people often assume it as to be a fake one. Moreover don’t show sarcasm towards other tweets. If you have any suggestions then comment politely, if not then avoid.

6. Use twitter tools- There are various twitter tools that ease your efforts, such as buffer that allows user to share big posts, Twitter list that filter out your groups ,your communities etc.

7. Use # tags up to some limit otherwise it appears like spam message. # tag is use basically to highlight your context. So avoid overusing it.

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