Can People Live Without Smartphones?

This is a million dollar question which has no definite answer. Can you actually live without your smartphone? Who doesn’t own a smartphone in today’s world? For many their smartphones are their second identity. They access all their important social profiles and emails from their smartphones and hence it contains lots of personal data as well. So we let the question soak in while we take a look at the surveys on smartphone owners and what they have to say about the question.

In a survey done on iPhone owners, about 65 per cent of the people mentioned that they cannot live without their phone. There answers also included funny statements like 40 % of them said that they would give up coffee rather than giving up their smartphone. Another 10 % said that would rather stop bathing everyday than give up their smartphone. 15 % of them even mentioned that they could give up sex but not their phone. Let’s go on to find out as to what is there in a smartphones which attaches them so much to their owners.

With the advent of smartphones, the developers have unleashed their full programming capabilities and have provided the smartphones with millions of apps. Smartphones are the best companions of the users. We actually spend a lot of time on our smartphones everyday as we chat using WhatsApp or Facebook, we check mails, we browse the internet, we access the social networks, we play games, we click pictures, we shoot video and many more stuff. According to a study conducted by Nielsen on the category of app downloads, the results were somewhat like this: About 64% of the people downloaded games and played it on their smartphones, 60% downloaded weather apps, about 56% used social networks, 51% used the maps services on their smartphones while music, news and entertainment stood at           44%, 39% and 34% respectively.

Now we all know that smartphones have become very advanced and they sport awesome hardware and software configurations. So this has enabled the users to play games with high end graphics on their smartphones.  So since that games are superb and the gameplay experience is mind blowing on a smartphones, users spend long hours playing games on their phones but this differs from handset to handset and from OS to OS. According to reports, iOS users spend about 14.7 hours per month on their Apple devices to play games. Android users spend 9.3 hours per month and Windows and BlackBerry users spend 4.7 hours and 4.5 hours respectively per month on games.

In many cases, smartphones also act as a status symbol for many people. It is usually seen that the people who have a higher income, own either a BlackBerry or an iPhone. A survey states that people who have a yearly income of $75, 000 or more are 4 times more likely to own an iPhone or a BlackBerry.

Smartphones also help people to have fewer gadgets around them. We all agree that today’s smartphones have almost everything built into them. So research says that after owning an iPhone about 70% of the people got rid of their iPods and other mp3 players, about 55% of them got rid of their camera and 40 % sold their GPS. So it can be seen that people are so attached to their smartphones. Even while in a party, about 60% of the people keep using their smartphones occasionally. Sport is also a field which hasn’t been left out of the smartphone influence. The smartphone sport consumption jumped to 83% during the first 2 days of the 2012 NCAA basketball tournament.

Research has also shown that people with different type of mind-sets are attracted to different types of smartphones. It also states that iPhone owners have been found to be more optimistic than Android users. Out of Android and iOS, about 52 % of the people who are more optimistic about the future are found to be iPhone owners.

In the early days when Motorola rolled out the first phone in the year 1983, phones used to be very costly and heavy. So we can imagine that the people who used the phones then must have been really rich and strong. Another study shows that the majority of the smartphone owners belong to the urban settlements. The percentage of urban people who use Android, iPhone and blackberry respectively is 15%, 12% and 11% while the percentage for the rural people stands at 10%, 5% and7% for the same. Study also shows that students who are users of smartpho0nes are better performers academically as they study even while they are on the move.

These are the surveys conducted on the real people from all over the world and reasons are enough as to why people can’t live without their smartphones. Can you?

can you live without smartphone

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